Discover how tapping into your body’s innate wisdom can assist in alleviating pain, by identifying the specific muscles that need strengthening for your personal healing journey.

What Are the Core Advantages of Kinesiology Therapy?

Kinesiology is a comprehensive approach to health care, integrating methods from physiology, biomechanics, neuropsychology, and trigger point therapy. It examines muscle function to identify imbalances and enhance the body’s natural healing processes, offering several significant benefits.

What Makes Us the Better Choice?

In our community, you’ll find a team of gentle and dedicated professionals—movement therapists who have a rich history in healing, pain management, and recovery. They are thoroughly trained and hold official certifications. Our goal is to support and strengthen your journey toward better health and well-being. With deep knowledge and many years of experience in this field, we offer an unmatched level of care and attention.

Prepare yourself for a journey of profound transformation with our team. We are passionate about helping you discover your hidden potential and enabling you to live a life of balance and vitality. Join us today and see the difference our expertise, personalized approach, and convenient Sequenced Modules can make. Let’s talk more about why choosing us is the right decision.

In White Rock, BC, our team of highly certified kinesiologists is passionately committed to empowering you to achieve peak wellness. Boasting a rich blend of knowledge and extensive hands-on experience, we deliver exceptional care with unparalleled expertise in every session. Join us for a transformative experience that sets new standards in health care.

We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Whether you’re in pursuit of relief from physical discomfort, seeking emotional fortitude, or aiming to sharpen your mental clarity, we craft a bespoke treatment plan that resonates with your unique journey. Step into a session designed just for you, where your health goals are our priority.

Learning how to approach healing our body in a certain way matters is key. With our ever-changing lifestyles, accessing the evolving modules will provide a sequence of healing that is set up in a certain way to access your body from the ground up. We learn from your body’s experience in the way it responds to help create exactly what you need. Rest to movement is the way.


Loved by our customers

Today is great… Feel good after getting tons of stuff done. It’s great to have energy. I’ll tell you that I haven’t had a fall in months! I used to have a good fall every few weeks. I can attribute this all to Yoga as that is the only thing that’s changed in my life. Thank goodness I found something that has helped.

Launny Brian MS STUDENT

“Actually, thinking about it, if you hadn’t persevered with me over these last months, I would most certainly have been in a horrible way…These are testimonials to your greatness. Thanks for being so great.”


Thank you for sharing your gifts and skills with me. Last time together, I came so close to experience my spiritual side, where my body did not matter. It was a beautiful oneness for me. And you allowed me to live through this experience, albeit I needed to touch the Earth again. That freedom, though short, was precious. Thank you for your loving kindness to me, and all your clients.


“A gifted teacher worth seeking out wherever she teaches and whatever the offering, especially the Trigger Point Workshops.”


“Coral-Lei is an extremely gifted and intuitive professional, who can release tension like nobody’s business!”

Karen Sydenham

“Coral-Lei has a gift – she is an intuitive healer and is able to zero in on where the pain and blockage is. She is without a doubt amongst the best kinesiologists I’ve ever gone to.

Carl Katz

“This class felt like I went into a deep meditation all the way through the class.” She then followed with this cute, yet unforgettable statement, “If you were a rock star I would follow you around like one of your groupies.”


“Coral-Lei’s treatment not only made me feel amazing physically, but also on a deep energetic level.

Tracy Sundbo RYT

“I think this is a true testimonial to the very good work that you do … So thank you Coral-Lei for the spectacular work you do in nourishing my body and my soul! With gratitude.”

Debra Forman

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